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Barend van Hoek
(Bart's son)
Jolanda van Gennip
(Barend's partner)


Short biography

Keeping on searching. For what? For 'it'? Whatever 'it' may be? Van Hoek has always kept on searching. Every work of art of his hand was and still is a struggle for consciousness of form, for something that is true. A searching artist will always try to create something he or she feels to be true while creating, something that should remain true as long as possible. And for that sometimes another way of working needs to be found.

And here too, whenever necessary, van Hoek, with his searching hand, never thought twice: in addition to making sculptures he developed his painting skills; from pure form to the light that elicits form. What is it you need to express your own truth at any particular moment? ...Keep on searching!

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